No payment due until we are all done


Price for Our  Revocable Living Trust Package:


$999.00  for the Individual Trust Package




$1,299.00  for the Couple's Trust Package (Joint Trust)*


  • All of the documents provided in the Individual Trust Package for each person

  • An optional Community Property Agreement

* If the couple would rather do two trusts (one each) than the price is $1,699.00​. Reasons to do two trusts usually involve a blended family.

Other services fees included in our price:


  • We will have your new deed recorded AND pay the recording fees which typically are $20 to $30

  • Notary fees

  • One paper copies and a PDF copy of all your documents


*We do charge $200 for each additional parcel of real property transferred to the trust. This is because there is an additional $75.00 fee that the county recorder charges for property that is not owner occupied.

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We provide upfront affordable pricing for your estate plan with a revocable living trust,  so you know what to expect!


You would think that this should be standard in the Estate Planning industry, but it isn't. Go ahead and call some Estate Planning Attorneys and ask how much for a simple probate avoidance trust package. Most lawyers won't tell you until you sit down and feel pressured into an overpriced Estate Plan. Sure, there are complex trust that cost more, but most of us (probably 99% of us) just need a simple probate avoidance trust.

There are also websites that offer "do-it-your-self" options. If you know what you are doing, then they work just fine. Unfortunately, many people don't prepare the estate plan correctly and their loved ones end up in probate court. I am a decent mechanic, but I know that there are certain tasks that should be delegated to a mechanical professional. Same thing with a trust and estate plan. Why spend hundreds of dollars on these DIY estate plans and then have to pay an attorney to make it right? Call Menifee estate planning attorney Kris Crawford and get it done right the first time.

Typical Process for Preparing an Estate Plan from our Menifee Office


  1. We will provide a free consultation regarding your estate, either over the phone or in person.

  2. We will email you information which includes a link to an online intake form.​​

  3. Once you finish the online intake form and provide us a copy of your current deed (we can get a copy for $50.00 if you can't find yours), we will begin preparing your estate planning documents.

  4. Once a draft has been prepared (usually just a couple of days), we will email you a PDF copy for your review.

  5. If after reviewing, everything looks good, we will set up a date and time to sign the documents.

  6. The "signing" just takes about 20 minutes and after all of your estate planning documents have been signed, then you can provide payment for our services.

  7. After the signing, you have the option of taking the original documents home with you that day or as we suggest, have us scan all your signed estate planning documents, and within a day, we will provide you a PDF copy, as well as two hard copies and of course the originals.

We will move as fast or as slow as you want us to move. No pressure. When you are ready, we will be ready.

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Most people know that you should avoid probate. A proper estate plan can avoid probate and the headache that follows. Most of us do not have an estate like Warren Buffet, but that does not mean you shouldn't have an estate plan.


Our Menifee attorney can create an estate plan consisting of a Trust, Pour-over Will, Advance Health Care Directive and Durable Power of Attorney for a low flat fee. A Trust is especially important if you own a home. An Advance Health Care Directive can give your wishes regarding your health, legal authority.               


Trust packages start at $999.00 

We are located in Menifee / Sun City off Haun Road and Newport Road, just behind the new Menifee City Hall. Our address is 29826 Haun Road, Suite 205, Menifee CA 92586. If you have been considering an estate plan, call us today for a free consultation. Attorney Kris Crawford can answer any of the questions you may have concerning your estate planning needs. 





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Estate Planning Attorney Menifee
Estate Planning Attorney Menifee
Estate Planning Attorney Menifee
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Estate Planning Attorney Menifee
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