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Free Editable CA Bar Exam Study Flashcards

I have provided some links to download Free CA Bar Exam Study Flashcards, which are in "PowerPoint" file form. You can then use them on your iPad or Tablet to use as flash cards, which I found very helpful. You can also edit them as you please. *The flashcards were prepared in 2014.

The information provided is not guaranteed to be the right "rules" or "laws" and they should only be used to supplement what you have learned or what you should learn. Please do not get upset if there are mistakes, I wasn't perfect and I am providing them here for two reasons: for one, I hope the Free CA Bar Exam Study Flashcards will help you study for the California State Bar Exam and two, by clicking my website, it will help my "google rankings." 

I found that by using these CA Bar Exam Study Flashcards while going on a walk, helped me retain the information better than sitting on the couch. Also, when you use these CA Bar Exam Study Flashcards, read them and recite them out loud, then try to say it again with out looking. It is also helpful to have a study buddy doing it with you. Quiz each other by asking "What is the rule?" and then  ask "So, what does that mean? Give me an example."


It is VERY important to memorize the "rules" so it flows quickly from your brain to your paper, but it is just as CRITICAL, that you know what the heck it means, so you can effectively apply the facts and come to a proper conclusion. 

Lastly practice your MBE's often. I used Adapti Bar and it worked for me: . Doing your MBE's will help your essays as well. Chances are, most of your essays will be on the MBE subjects.

Well, good luck and study hard! 

CA Bar Exam Study Flashcards

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