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Reviews from our clients:

Law Offices of Kris Crawford

29826 Haun Rd Suite 205

Menifee, CA 92586

(951) 229-0757

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***We have included all of our legitimate Yelp reviews, that Yelp has removed from their "Recommended Reviews" (maybe because we don't pay Yelp to advertise?) You can find those reviews at the end of the Yelp page in the "other reviews that are not currently recommended" section.  

"I contacted this law firm to do a living trust.  I spoke to Kris Crawford.  He was very informative.  He is very friendly. Everything was finished in about a week. I will gladly recommend Attorney Crawford to any of my friends who need legal services.  Thank you Kris, it was great dealing with you.  I will use your firm in the future if I need any other legal services."

"Excellent attorney all around. Good guy and knows what he's talking about. Very common sense oriented. Has good ability to speak to clients in terms they understand. He knows how to deal with and manage their problems. I would definitely recommend Kris Crawford."

"Excellent place.  I called for a consultation for a Bankruptcy and was actually transferred to Kris himself for questions that I had we set up an appointment for that same day.. I decided to get started and everything from beginning to now has been explained to me very thoroughly and all my questions and concerns have been answered immediately. Kris has kept me informed every step of the way."


"Kris is awesome!! Highly recommend."

"My wife and Mother-in-Law was their client.  I have heard lots of great things from my wife.  When you call the office... You talk to a live person and not knowing you are already talking to one of the attorneys.   They are willing to listen and help you.  Answered each questions that my wife had asked.  We highly recommend the firm to all our friends and to anyone needing their services.  Thanks Attorney Crawford for assisting us on the Living Will and Trust."

"I am being represented by Kris Crawford, due to an automobile accident that I was involved in. He is very helpful, and knowledgeable. His kindness and experience in this field has helped me feel more at ease about what to expect in the long run as to my case. I appreciate his patience and willingness to help me during these tough times. I promise if anyone is seeking help from an honest lawyer, Kris is the guy."

"Upfront lawyer who takes the time to explain the process. Thank you for the consult."

"I would highly recommend Kris Crawford for anyone who needs an attorney. He was very gentle with me but honest. I know that God will Bless him for his work and kindness toward me.  Thanks again."

"Excellent attorneys! They work hard for their clients and have great communication."

"It has been a pleasure to work with your office. Estate planning is not simple and your patient explanations really helped. Thanks for walking through the procedure with me. That gave me clarity to make important decisions and know that I have good advice. I’ll look forward to our further work together as needed."

"Fast, friendly, helpful and professional legal service.  Excellent people skills,  always available to answer questions."

"Five star rating not to long ago I was involved in my first accident which I was rear ended severely. I spoke with Kris he had everything under control and handled. A great thing that I like about Kris is that he keeps you within the loop of everything that is going on also he knows what he's speaking about. I recommend going to Kris if you need help in legal actions."

"This was my first time ever being in such a bad accident and this law office handled every step of the way for me. I had problems with somethings and they took over for me to help solve the problem. They were always helpful and always checking in to make sure I was okay. The best attorneys office to deal with!"


"Kris is fantastic. He emailed me every Friday whether he had news or not. He kept me up on everything that was going on with my lawsuit. He really works hard for his clients. He even gave me an advance on my upcoming funds when I was low on money. He treats you with respect and kindness. I would highly recommend him to anyone who is looking for an attorney."


"I called Kris Crawford's office this morning and was immediately put through to him.  I had a personal injury issue that I needed some guidance with.  Kris was open and honest about where I stood and what to expect going forward.  Even though I ended up not hiring an attorney for my injury, I really appreciated the time Kris spent with me on the phone."

"When it comes to dealing with some of your most personal life details you want someone like Kris Crawford listening.  He is responsive which is an absolute must when looking for a lawyer.  His advice is logical, ethical and relevant.  His number one concern is his client and making sure that they are well represented.  If you are looking for someone who will put you first and address your concerns you should absolutely work with Kris Crawford.  Thank you Kris for helping me through my difficult situation."

"Thanx a million Kris, you represented me in a professional way and you beat the odds! I appreciate your hard word and dedication and will be recommending you to anybody I know that needs a lawyer. I apologize for not writing this sooner. You really did your homework and I see you have a very successful future ahead of you. Thanks again you have no idea how much you changed my life!"

"Words can not express how grateful I am for Kris Crawford, I was in the start of my divorce and custody battle when I came to Kris, he was with me every step of the way and got me everything that I wanted and what was in the best interest of my child. Even after my divorce was final, he is still there for me if I had/have any questions. Divorce is not easy by any means, but Kris was always very professional, confident and reassuring and he knows the laws very well!! I couldn't have asked for a better attorney to fight for me."


"Kris did a great job from the start, he took care of everything in terms of filing and following up with any other necessary paperwork, all I had to do with fill out a simple form. It was very cheap as well, I had gone to other attorneys before and had been quoted outrageously high prices, Kris was the most reasonable by far. (I looked all over inland empire) Before I knew it I had formed an LLC, I would definitely recommend Kris to anyone seeking to form an LLC without hassle."

"My experience with  "Law Offices of Kris Crawford" was excellent. Communication from start to finish was clear and professional. This office is very organized and on top of things, because of that this made the entire process smooth and fast. I highly recommend attorney Kris Crawford. Leslie always very helpful and fast to respond. I selected this law office because of the reviews I read and now I can see why."

"Excellent Service! Kris is a very personable Lawyer and he always keeps in constant contact with you. The best thing I like is if I texted him, I get a reply in less than 5 minutes! I would definitely use him again."

"Best attorney ever he helped me and significant other with our case. We can’t take him enough! I will always recommend him."

"Very professional and cares about the client. Always available, can be reached by phone, email, and text. It was an awesome experience working with your office. Great referrals for treatment as well."

"Kris did an excellent job updating our trust for us. The fee was reasonable, the turnaround time quick and his level of professionalism excellent. We highly recommend!"

"Kris and his secretary/notary Leslie are the most down to earth people you will ever meet in the Legal Profession. They are easy to work with, are quick to complete your services, and explain things on a level that a Second Grade teacher could comprehend. Kris created my Trust, and his prices are the very best for "quality work." Look no further than Kris Crawford, this is your destination for your legal needs!!"

"Kris Crawford was recommended to me and I would recommend him to anyone. Not once did I have to call his office and ask any questions they are on top of everything from start to finish."

"I had some questions about my mother's will, and was willing to "buy" an hour of Kris's time. Instead he answered my questions over the phone!! If I ever need to hire a lawyer Kris would be my first call."

"We found Kris Crawford law firm by chance searching google for attorneys locate in our area. (Temecula, Murrieta and surrounding areas). After discussing our concerns, we decided to take a chance. We are glad we did because Kris’s office is very professional and explained the process every step of the way. What we really liked was the process of communicating things via email, which is important as we were unable to get to the office on several occasions. I would recommend Kris Crawford to a family member as well as a friend due to his professionalism. Kris Crawford’s firm is differently one to consider when looking for an attorney who will be professional and caring. Mr. Taylor"

"Kris was upfront with me from beginning to end. He also got me a good amount of money too! Thanks!"

"Kris did an excellent job updating our trust for us. The fee was reasonable, the turnaround time quick and his level of professionalism excellent. We highly recommend!"

"I've contacted attorney K. Crawford based on reviews. He was great from the beginning and throughout my entire case. Very communicative and prompt with paperwork. He was very honest and straight to the point with my automobile accident. Highly recommend his service."

"Kris and his staff were outstanding helping me with a no fault car accident claim. He provided me with great advice and referrals to Doctors which really helped me to recover. His staff was always really professional and I was able to sign everything via email. Finally he helped me reach a fair settlement and I paid ZERO out of pocket for his services. I would recommend him to anyone who needs helps with an auto accident."

"Mr. Crawford is unlike any other lawyer I've ever worked with. It is not about money for him, which is something I am not used to in today's age. He was very knowledgeable and incredibly helpful to my family and I. He made sure our trust was solid and done right, providing me with the piece of mind that I needed in knowing my kids were going to be taken care of. Thank you Mr. Crawford, I cannot tell you how much I appreciate you."

"I've dealt with Kris, briefly, on two occasions. Once I popped into his office, unexpectedly, and I called once. Both times he was more than happy to speak with me and give me free advice on my personal injury case. He was friendly, knowledgeable, courteous and gave me sound advice. Should I need attorney services in the future I will turn to Kris again. Thank you!!!"

"Need a accident lawyer, Kris Crawford is the lawyer you want. Professional staff and supportive. He will get the job done."

"Called to get some legal advice. I had no idea what type attorney we needed so I called the first one with good reviews. I gave a quick explanation to the kind lady who answered the phone and she placed me on hold to speak with the attorney. Kris (the attorney) came on the phone and I explained our situation. He listened, kindly explained we did not have much to worry, offered a few quick suggestions and the call was over. I appreciate that Kris did not waste time by having me come in and charge me some crazy fee. He took my call on a Friday afternoon 15 minutes before their office closed. I did not need an attorney this time but would recommend this straight forward and professional attorney to anyone needing someone to be honest with them. Thank you for taking the time to ease my concerns Kris. Best wishes."

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