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Perris Car Accident Attorney Lawyer Personal Injury
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Perris, personal injury lawyer, car accident attorney

Our personal injury office is a short drive from Perris, CA

and we know many medical providers in or around Perris

that are willing to provide medical treatment on a lien.


Meaning, no upfront fees, the providers don't expect to get paid until you get paid


That can help you get he medical care you need, now:

Chiropractic care, imaging, orthopedic care, pain management etc.


Perris Car Accident Attorney Lawyer Personal Injury


Our law office provides personal injury legal services

for those Perris residents that are harmed

and injured in car accidents

Don't do this alone, let us help

If you had a car accident or other personal injury claim,

please contact us now for a completely FREE CONSULTATION

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Perris is constantly expanding and as a result, more traffic and more accidents. The 15 freeway in Perris has been widened and many improvements have been made, but traffic in Perris is still pretty bad. There are many people commuting out of and through the Perris area. It is positioned in the middle of many big cities. There are many accidents that occur on the freeway in Perris, due to distracted drivers and due to stop-and-go traffic.


The 74 in Perris connects to the 15 freeway and also Hemet in the other direction. Perris, like many other cities, is home to many traffic lights. Unfortunately, some drivers don't pay attention to traffic slowing for these stop lights in Perris and as a result, cause a rear end accident. I'm sure you see people driving in Perris that are texting or talking on their phones. I see many collision reports in Perris where the driver was texting, causing an accident.

Weather can also be a contributing factor in accidents in Perris. Perris is built in a flood plain and therefore has many streets that are flooded when it rains. Accidents jump in the city of Perris when it rains since Perris residents generally enjoy nice dry weather throughout the year and are unaccustomed to driving on slick roads.

If you have been involved in an accident in or around Perris call an attorney who will work hard on your case. Call personal injury lawyer Kris Crawford to get the help you need.

Personal injury lawyers know that this may be your first time getting in an accident. Our car accident law firm has handled many cases and we know what to do, since this is not our first time. A Personal injury lawyer can tell you what to expect, what steps to take after a car accident and what legal recourse options are available. We are a personal injury office near Perris, so call your neighbor and get the LOCAL attention your deserve for your personal injury claim. After a car accident call a car accident lawyer.

An auto accident attorney can help you get the medical care you need after an accident. It is important for two reasons: 1) and most importantly, it helps you get better and 2) it provides evidence we need to help your personal injury claim. If you "tough it out" there is no record of you being hurt or injured. But, when you go to a doctor after a car accident, your personal injury lawyer can use those medical records to prove that you are injured. 


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