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what to do after a car accident
what to do after a car accident

1. Do not leave the scene of the accident

Even if it's a minor accident, you cannot leave the scene of an accident until you have exchanged insurance information and or the police arrive at the scene.  If you drive away, you can be charged with hit and run even if the accident was not your fault. 

2. Call the police or CHP


You must call the police or the CHP if the accident caused a death or injury.


3. Answering questions to the police, insurance adjuster or other driver.


Do not volunteer any information about who was to blame for the accident. You may think you are in the wrong and then learn that the other driver is as much or more to blame than you are. You should first talk to your insurance agent, your lawyer or both.


  • Anything you say to the police or the other driver can be used against you later.

  • Do not agree to pay for damages or sign any paper except a traffic ticket  until you check with your insurance company or lawyer.

4. Gather information


Once you have recovered from the initial effects of the accident try to gather information that will be helpful to your case. Get the names, addresses and telephone numbers of any witnesses so you know who to call if the accident needs to be investigated. Write down facts about the accident while it is fresh in your memory (time, weather, location, any statements made by persons that perceived the accident etc.). 

5. Seek Medical Treatment

Get the medical treatment you need. If you are seriously injured go to the ER. Afterwards, if you have soft tissue injuries, you may want to try physical therapy or chiropractic care. Talk to your doctor about recommendations for treatment. 


6. Call Attorney Kris Crawford


Call an attorney immediately following your accident, either right after it occurred or as soon as reasonably possible. Attorney Kris Crawford will go to the accident scene and help you through this traumatic event. Kris Crawford  will investigate the facts and circumstances surrounding the accident.

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