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Lien Basis Medical Treatment

Lien Basis Medical Treatment
Lien Basis Medical Treatment

How does a being treated on a lien basis work?

Being treated on a lien basis means that the doctor will provide treatment to you with no upfront payments and will expect to be paid out of your personal injury settlement in the future. The person who caused you to be injured is responsible for covering your medical costs and once that person pays up in the form of a settlement check, the doctor who performed services for you will be reimbursed.

Even when you have insurance, the insurance provider will expect to be reimbursed for the payments they had made to the doctors when a third party caused an injury to you. This is because there are laws or contracts, that give insurance providers the right to put a lien on your settlement.

A doctor working on a lien basis will ask you to sign a contract “the lien” against your recovery in your personal injury case, as a form of security for the doctor so that he or she is assured that they will be paid out of any financial recovery in your case.

Many of the doctors that work on a lien basis get paid through insurance providers as well. Working on a lien is just another form of payment.

Treating on a lien basis is beneficial in many respects. Some benefits include:


1) Doctor is also interested in causation and will provide more detailed reports which helps build the necessary medical evidence to win the claim;


2) Doctor provides treatment including needed therapy in a timelier manner because insurance authorization is not required.

At Law Offices of Kris Crawford, we have a network of doctors and health care providers providing medical treatment on a lien basis that have exceptionally satisfied clients.  Many of our clients who have been treated on a lien basis by a doctor we have referred, praise the doctor for outstanding diagnosis and treatment of their injuries.

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